After Armageddon

This new collection was launched for sale to the general public at the Bath Art Fair on the 1st and 2nd of March. Prices begin at £90 and the largest piece is available for £2000. 

This collection was inspired initially by "Armageddon" by Damien Hirst. We were mesmerised by the original work in the Guggenheim New York, made from dead insects held together by resin.  It appeared to be black but close up we could see the amber of the resin and the iridescence of the insect bodies. Fascinated by the use of texture rather than colour, we went on to look at the Monochrome Movement, visiting work in a number of galleries including the V&A. Finally, after a challenge by glassmaker Peter Layton to work in monochrome, we returned to our inspiration from the original Armageddon art piece, but couldn't resist adding hidden flashes of colour that can be seen in certain light and angles.

After armageddon close up
After Armageddon Square
4 set 72.jpg
zebra pair.jpg