After Armageddon

Although influenced by texture and the Monochrome Movement, this collection is not all that it seems.
Black isn't always just black - as we discovered when we saw "Armageddon" by Damien Hirst in the Guggenheim New York. Although his piece looked black, it is made from dead insects held together by resin.  Close viewing revealed the amber of the resin and the iridescence of the insect bodies.
A challenge from the Contemporary Glass Society and London Glassblower's Peter Layton encouraged us to develop our work in monochrome, but because of our inspiration from the original Armageddon art piece, you will discover that some of our "After Armaggedon" collection includes hidden flashes of colour that can be seen in certain light and angles.
Best seen in person, and by changing distance and focus it is possible to  observe the effects of different light, from strong artificial to soft warm daylight. Close scrutiny will reveal different elements of these pieces changing throughout the day and the seasons.

After armageddon close up (Sold)
Small Armageddon
Medium Armageddon