Gill & Rob Silversides

We dreamed of quitting the rat race and turning our passion into our business. It hasn't been easy and wow have we made some mistakes! Many years later we are settled into making a living from our art and we love it! There's nothing more thrilling than hearing the phrase "I have to have that!" because our work is full of feelings and memories and we hear it when someone really connects.  Our work tends to draw on features, textures and colours from the places we love. We are pretty lucky living in the South West. Our home and workshop is in Bridport, so we enjoy spending time with friends visiting favourite haunts in Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, The Cotswolds, Devon and Cornwall.



Our Story

Our life changed in 2005 when we worked for a year with Voluntary Service Overseas, in Namibia, and came back determined to ditch our professional careers and follow our vocation. 

Rob had trained in art and took classes in glass painting and stained glass work and, as an amateur archaeologist, spent a lot of time exploring historical landscapes. Gill on the other hand loved glass blowing, but with limited opportunities for middle aged impatient women, took classes in casting and kiln work. We worked together, inspired by the geological folds and patterns in the landscape and the movement of glass.

By 2010 we were regularly selling our work. With limited space and frequent requests from customers for classes, we invested in a Bath City Centre studio and more kilns and equipment.  Our technique was very textured, and defined by Rob’s attention to detail and Gill’s technical and structural talent. 

Success at exhibitions and events, including with the Contemporary Glass Society at the International Festival of Glass, should have pointed the way to getting more gallery recognition and building our following;- we were in collections on four continents. However, we were tempted by a bigger gallery/workshop premises nearer to home. This led to three years of exhaustion, where we got bogged down in the business end and lost focus on our art. The gallery had to go, and in 2017 we retired from the business to start a new adventure.

A legacy allowed us to take a year off, travelling, learning and gathering inspiration and new techniques, especially in casting. We have been constantly adding to our portfolio, based on the moods, moments and meaning we have encountered in our lives and travels. Our new home and workshop in Bridport offers us lots of inspiration and the space to really explore our art.

Walking Safari
Christmas Day in Vergenoeg
Tembe Day (2).jpg
Llama trek
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Church biscuit
Glittering Bay