Gill & Rob Silversides

We spend a lot of time walking and sketching together. Our glasswork draws on features, textures and colours from the landscapes we love, so there's nothing more thrilling than hearing the phrase "I have to have that!" because our work is full of feelings and memories and we love it when someone sees what we see and really connects.  

Current work is exploring landscapes and features memorable places from all over the world. 

How We Got Here

We have moved and expanded our business twice, taking on more space, kilns and responsibility. Acclaim at exhibitions and events, including with the Contemporary Glass Society and the International Festival of Glass meant more gallery recognition and a growing following;- we are in collections on four continents. However, the pressures of teaching, whilst running a gallery and workshop gave us less time to make our art, so in 2017 we sold up and started a new adventure.

A year spent travelling, gathering inspiration, learning new techniques, filling sketch books and photograph albums, gave us the fresh start we needed. Our wanderlust sated, we are settled now in Bridport. We have spent our lockdowns and quiet time using our sketches and photographs to inspire affordable art based on the experiences we have encountered in our lives and travels. We hope our work sparks some of your favourite moments and memories too.

Walking Safari
Namib Desert
Tembe Water Hole
Llama trek
Glittering Bay